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On this site you will find all you need in order to make your own website. You will receive valuable web development knowledge through over 50 beginner friendly video tutorials, thereby making learning an easy and visual experience. Best of all - EVERYTHING IS 100% FREE! The website has been developed to be as user-friendly as possible, and therefore all our video tutorials has been neatly organized in the left menu bar. Here you can choose which language/technology you want to explorer. We offer free beginner video tutorials within the following subjects:

How to profit from your website

Besides this, you can also read articles and guides of how to profit from your website. These guides will specifically be aimed at beginners within the field of website development. Our forum provides a place for you, to discuss any problems that you may encounter, while making your own website.

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Our video tutorials are can both be used by beginners and the more experienced. The sourcecode will be available for all our videos, so that you can copy and watch the codes as we create them in the videos. Some videos will be pure learning while others will end up giving you a ready-to-use script. You will as an example find ready-to-use scripts for a hit counter, a poll system, a navigation bar and much more.

The website is new and it will therefore grown in time( we expect 1-2 new tutorials every week). Consequently the material you will find on the site, will not be as extensive as it is intended to be in the future. Should you have any desire of getting your own videos on our site, then please use the upload function - We gladly accept guest tutorials!

All our videos can be found on our youtube channel - Please remember to subscribe!

make your own website - Free html, css, php, mysql, javacript and wordpress video tutorials

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