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our free video tutorials about html, css, php, mysql, javascript and wordpress

On the information will primarily be available trough free video tutorials. These free video tutorials will start of covering the very basics and then move carefully forward as you watch the videos. This ensures that everybody can attend these video courses as we will be starting from scratch in all our series.

This does however not mean that the more experienced developers cannot participate, as some videos will be at a higher level.

Some videos will be pure learning while others will give you a ready-made-script. Therefore the sources codes will be available underneath all videos, so that you can copy and use them as you want.

Some subject will be presented as an article. This could as an example be our section about profiting from your web site.

Under each and every video it is possible to comment or ask questions. If you have more than one question and want multiple opinions, then please join our forum and ask your questions here.

If you feel like we are missing something or you just might have an idea for a new video, then just go ahead and tell us! We take all suggestions serious, and if you have made a video yourself and want it on the site, then please feel free to upload it. All uploaded videos will be credited with a name and web site of the author. is supported by the danish webhosting site, who among others offer Rabatkoder til UnoEuro

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