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Written/updated by Thomas Skov Iversen

Keeping track of your essential keywords can be a daunting task. Especially if you have a very large number of important keywords it can become almost impossible to get an overview. Fortunately there is help to get, and it don't have to cost you anything! On you will find a program/tool called "Rank Tracker".

Rank Tracker is one of the best programs out there if your are serious about your SEO. Rank Tracker brings plenty of features for all your needs:

- Tracks your placement on specific keywords in more than 300 different search engines.
- Follow your keyword rank development day by day
- Get keywords generated that are fitted for your website
- Follow your competitors and keep track of their keyword rankings

Below a introduction video to Rank Tracker and its functions is shown:

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But how can it be free?!?

Rank Tracker is free to download and use. The free edition though have some limitations, and you have to pay to use the locked features. The program though functions very well in the free edition, and if you want to save and remember your ranks(which is not possible in the free version) then just take a screen shot and you will have your previous ranks store, so that you can look back and see the development.

The next article will explain how it is possible to enhance your traffic to your website by using link building.

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