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Profit from your web site

Profit from your web site

If you take a quick tour around the web, you will probably notice that most web sites have some sort of adverts on them. Being a beginner within the web site development world you might think that you need to be a company or a famous brand to have adverts on your site - This is however not the case!

In reality everyone with a web site can place adverts on it and thereby earn money!

Now do not think that this is a quick way to earn a fortune, because its NOT! In fact, most people don't earn much more on their web site per month than what you can earn in one hour of honest work. There are although a few who actually earn a living of their web site, but again, that also takes a lot of hard work. At we will try to give you the right tools and knowledge to become successful in actually profiting from your web site.

By following and reading the below presented articles you will be well on the way of profiting from your current or future web site


1 - Ad types
2 - What is an affiliate program?
3 - Payment methods
4 - Positioning of adverts
5 - SEO, search engine optimization
6 - Tool / software for SEO
7 - Link building for beginners
8 - Get started!

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