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Written / updated by Thomas Skov Iversen

Being a webmaster is not as hard as it used to be, thanks to a large selection of free website services available online. This article will present some of the best and most useful webmasters services available online.

Find your broken links - Quickly and free of charge

A website that has helped many webmaster the last couple of years is On this site you will firstly be asked to enter your website URL. When entered, your website will be searched to see if there should be any broken links. This is an extremely helpful service, as it removes the daunting task of finding broken links manually. will show exactly where your broken links are located and how many there are. Usually broken links are very annoying to visitors, and therefore it is vital that you find and correct them continuously.

Get your sitemap generated for free

If you are to be found Google, it is important that you have a good sitemap. A sitemap is a file(sitemap.xml), which is allocated at the root directory of your site ( next to your index file ). Google uses your sitemap to index your pages. Instead of making a sitemap yourself ( which by the way is a very time consuming task ), you can use a sitemap generator such as

To get your sitemap generate on this site, simple put your url into the generator and press "start". When your sitemap has been generated, you can copy it and put it in your sitemap.xml file. Your sitemap is now done and your are ready to get your site indexed. In general this is a great tool that will save you a lot of time...

Remember to update your sitemap frequently!

Get your website analyzed is a website that offers a quick analysis of your site. It will analyze your site based on traffic estimations, content evaluation, in-site SEO, off-site SEO and usability. So if you are i doubt of some essential elements of your site, then take a look at - it might help you!

Find out what pages Goolge has indexed

This is not a program or helpful website, but rather a simple tip. Often it is nice to know what pages on your website that has been indexed on Google. To test all your different pages and sub pages will take a tremendous amount of time, and it can easily become unorganized. But don't worry, a simple Google search query will do the trick for you. Lets take as the example. By typing in "" in Google, you will get a complete list of what pages that have been indexed on google. This is a well know trick, and now you know it as well - It will most certainly be able to help you.

Find out what websites that are linking to you

This also not a program or smart website, but rather a simple tip. To generate traffic, it is extremely important that other websites are linking to your site. But how would you find out who and how many that are linking to you? Doing it manually is impossible, and you will therefore need to take advantage of either Google or Yahoo. lets look at Google. By typing "" in Google, all pages which are linking to your site will be displayed. You can also use Yahoo site explorer in exactly the same way.

Finding the best keywords!

When writing a text for your website, it is important that you always have keywords in mind, as keywords will effect how google will index your pages. If you for instance write a text about cat food, then you probably want your site to be displayed when people are searching for "cat food". Unfortunately there is often a lot of competition on regular search strings such as "cat food", and even though you use the text "cat food" in both your title, heading, and body text, your site will most probably not be in the top 10 search results.

Now, instead of using common keywords such as "cat food" it is a good idea to be a little more specific. But what keyword should you then use? Try googling "Google External Keyword Tool" and pick the first link

This is a tool offered for free by Google. You can use it for investigating keywords in terms of competition and keyword traffic. As an example, you will be able to find that there are 673.000 searches for "cat food" every month, and the competition on this string is mediocre.

This tool can also help you identify keywords with less competition and still high traffic. If you then use these alternative keywords in your text, your chances of getting a top rank on these keywords will be much greater.

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