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What will a website cost to develop?

Written/updated by Thomas Skov Iversen

Making a website don't have to be expensive. Actually it is possible to make one almost free of charge! For starters, you will need to figure out what you need in order to make your site. Below you will find a list of programs and services you will need to create your own website.

1 - A website editor

Editors and programs for making websites are available for free all over the internet. It is only a matter of choosing what free solution that will fit your needs the best. In our section about free website editors you will be given a list of editors and systems which you can use free of charge to make your own site. Some editors and programs will off course cost you money, but it is most definitely possible to develop a website without spending a penny! - You are obviously able to buy a website as well, but why pay more than 500 dollars for something you can make yourself?

2 - A web hosting provider

Ok, lets say that you now have developed a website using a free editor or program of some kind. What you need now, is a web hosting provider. A web host will provide you with online server space for all your website files. Your files need to be on an online server, in order to be accessible for other people on the web! Unfortunately most web hosting services are not free. That being said, a web hosting service is not something that will make you go bankrupt at all! Some web hosting services are free, and you can benefit from using these if your site is very simple and limited to HTML, CSS and Javascript only.

The following are web hosting services that provide server space at reasonable prices ( 3 - 30 dollars per month depending on your needs ):,,, and

At first you will have to pay a connection fee, which will vary depending on the space and traffic package you want. Between 20 and 40 dollars is the usual cost of a connection fee. Try picking a web hosting provider that fits your needs, as you do not want to pay for space, traffic and features that you do not need.

3 - A domain

You website will need a domain. A domain is the url address your site will be given. and are both domain names. A .com domain will cost you about 25 dollars in registration and then afterwards a 60 dollar/yr fee.

Often you will be able to buy your domain through your web hosting provider, but you can also buy a domain without hosting at different sites online.


Making your own website wont cost you much. You can get started at about 40 dollars, and then pay approximately 70 dollars a year to keep the site going. Taking into account that you will be able to earn money of your site, these investment can actually at some point turn into profit!

So what are you waiting for? - If you got the ideas including the right drive, making a website can actually become a fun, exciting and even profitable experience. Here at, we will provide you with all the necessary educational videos to make it possible for you to make a fully functional website.

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