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Free PHP and MySQL editors

Written / updated by Thomas Skov Iversen

There are plenty of editors for developing PHP and MySQL applications out there to choose from. Like HTML editors, some are free while others cost money. It is however not necessary to buy an expensive editor to develop your applications, as you will see below. Here at we have collected a small list of editors and programs which you can use free of charge, when creating PHP scripts and applications.

- PHP and MySQL


You cannot create any PHP applications without a server, as PHP is a server side programming language.
Therefore, you will need to download a server program called XAMPP. XAMPP is a free apache server, which will allow you to run and test any PHP and MySQL application locally on your pc. For that reason XAMPP needs to be installed locally on your computer to function properly. When installed, a simple click on a button will turn on the apache server, and you will be ready to go. By developing your PHP and MySQL applications locally you will not need to invest in a web hosting provider, until your are ready to run your applications in a live environment.

We will in our PHP and MySQL video tutorials for beginners use XAMPP as the local server and write the scripts and applications in Netbeans. You can however also use Dreamweaver, Notepad++ or any other editor together with XAMPP. XAMPP can be downloaded for free here

NetBeans IDE

Traditionally NetBeans is a specialized PHP editor. NetBeans can however also function as super powerful HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP editor. Netbeans is developed in corporation with Oracle, and it is a highly professional and free alternative to expensive programs like Dreamweaver. Netbeans will be able to offer you the same code hints as in Dreamweaver. Actually Netbeans will provide you with a php code completion engine that is not available in expensive programs such as Dreamweaver. In addition Netbeans will show you possible syntax errors

Since Netbeans is developed specifically for PHP, you will naturally be very well equipped for writing PHP with this editor. Netbeans is also the editor we will be using in our HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP tutorials, as it supports all major languages

NetBeans can be recommended for beginners who might want to try out some PHP and MySQL at some point.

In our first HTML video tutorial for beginners we will show you How to install and use Netbeans with Zen coding plugin.


Bluefish is a powerful PHP editor targeted towards programmers and web designers, with many options to write websites, scripts and programming code. Bluefish supports many programming and markup languages, and it focuses on editing dynamic and interactive websites.

It is a 100% free editor that runs on all platforms including windows, linux, mac, solaris etc. Bluefish can also handle HTML, CSS and Javascript. Bluefish is relatively lightweight and easy to learn, while still providing many features to support the development of PHP websites.

You can download Bluefish for free here.

Free PHP and MySQL editor

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