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This PHP course will start from scratch, so everyone will be able to attend - Even the beginners! If you don't know much about PHP, it would be a good idea to read this small article before watching our PHP video tutorials: What is PHP?

In today’s web development scenario, it is very necessary for a web developer to know how to code in PHP. PHP has become a major language in web development industry in last few years. From WordPress to FaceBook everything is coded in PHP language.

PHP is currently the most popular web server extension language, used by many websites both large and small. Its popularity is partly due to its free, open-source nature and partly due to its friendliness and convenience. Tasks such as reading an entire file and outputting it to the web browser can be accomplished with a single line of PHP code.

To write and test your PHP scripts locally, you will need a local server such as XAMPP installed on your pc. The first video in our PHP course for beginners will show you how to install XAMPP on your pc.

If you are already building websites using Joomla or Drupal, then it is also a good idea to learn some basic php, as most content management systems are build using PHP and MySQL. Understanding PHP, will enable you to control your content managements systems much more efficiently.

This hands on PHP Programming video course provides the knowledge necessary to design and develop dynamic, database-driven web pages using PHP. PHP is a language written for the web, quick to learn, easy to deploy and provides substantial functionality required for e-commerce. This course introduces the PHP framework and syntax, and covers the most important techniques and functions used to build dynamic web sites.

Under each video you will find a comment area for all your questions and comments. If you have multiple questions or subjects to discuss, then please join our forum, where our many users are ready to help you.

Once you get started, PHP is easy and fun to learn! - so what are you waiting for? Start learning today!

We hope you will enjoy this free PHP video course for beginners...

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