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WordPress as a webshop

Maybe you already own a WordPress website? Have you ever considered selling somthing on this site?

Its easier than ever before to turn your WordPress website into a webshop, with the help of a simple plugin called WooComemrce.

Now you might be thinking "Can i get a real webshop using WordPress, wont it be a light-version?!?!". Not at all! Some of the biggest webshops now aday run og WordPress and WooCommerce and you can easily create a awsome looking and functional webshop using WordPress.

Take for instance, which is a danish webshop selling cheap condoms online. This webshop is 100% build on WordPress and WooCommerce, and as you can see it works really well and looks great.

Getting started with WordPress and WooCommerce

Getting started with WordPress is super easy. We recommend that you use some of the many free video tutorials out there. Take for instance this video, which is great for getting you started with the CMS: Once your are set with WordPress you can move on to installing the WooComemrce plugin.

Using the WooCommerce plugin is really easy, and WooCommerce have alot of great material on their own site that will help you get started. Try takeing a look at alle their support articles right here. Also, if you ever get stuck with WooCommerce you can post a your issue on their support forum and lots of people will be ready to help you. Remember that WordPress is the largest CMS in the world, so there are plenty of people out there able to help you - they might even have experience the same issues as you and found a solution!

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