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You want to create a great looking website ? - but you don't have either the technical kills or the time... Then don't worry, there are lots of free website templates, pictures, icons and backgrounds available online.

The smart thing about all these freebies, is that you don't have to learn web programming and/or picture editing, to get started on a website. By using free material off the internet, you will be able to focus on your website content instead of layout, design and functionality.

If you as an example choose to download a free template for your website, you will both get the HTML, CSS and picture files needed for the site to work. It is therefore possible with a minimum of web development knowledge, to quickly get started on your own website. If you then know a little of HTML and CSS, you will subsequently be able to edit and modify the template pages so that they will look unique and fit your specific needs. Again this will require a basic understanding of HTML and CSS. For that reason, offers both a HTML and CSS video crash course for beginners. You will find these courses here: Free HTML and CSS video tutorials for beginners

Below I have listed a range of websites that offers free HTML templates: - Large american site filled with free HTML templates - Offers a wide selection of free templates - Also an american site with lots of free templates

The background and images of your free website template might not fit your website subject, and therefore you probably want to do some changes. For that purpose you can again benefit from using free graphics right off the internet. The following sites all offer different kinds of free backgrounds and images: - Plenty of royalty free images - Beautiful and colorful free website backgrounds - lots of high resolution photographs

To make a free website template unique, you will also need to change some of the icons. Again, you don't need to make them your self, as there a plenty of free icons to be found online. The sites listed below, both offers a wide range of free icons for your website. You should however always remember to check the license, as not all icons can be used commercially. - free icons for your website - more free icons for your website

Finally, if your are to make your site more interactive, and you don't know much about Javascript or PHP, then there are also plenty of free ready-to-use scripts and applications available online. Below I have listed a couple of sites offering Javascript and PHP applications. - Free JavaScript applications and scripts - Free PHP and JavaScript applications and scripts

Partner sites: - Lav din egen hjemmeside, - Sjove og søde videoer med dyr, - Billig WordPress hjemmeside.

Free icons, images, backgrounds and tempplates for your website

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