Factors affecting the speed of your WordPress site

wordpress speed

When working with SEO, website speed is highly important as the site need to be able to load quickly even on mobile device on slow 3G broadband connections.

There are several factors affecting the speed.

The broadband speed of the client

This is a factor that you cannot do anything about.

If the client has a slow broadband connection, then he will just download resources from the site slower and experience that the site in turn have a higher load time.

Even though you cannot do anything about this you still need to take it into consideration when designing you site.

As an example you need to compress images and scripts, so slower connections can download them quicker

That leads us to another factor.

Size of images and video

If your sites is littered with huge images and video-elements, this will highly impact the speed of your site.

In order to speed up your site, you need to compress images.

This can be done with online compressors such as tinypng.com

There are also built-in functions in Photoshop which can compress your images for web.

To many plugins

For many WordPress-site owners it is fairly easy to add new functionality by just installing another plugin.

However this approach is dangerous as you quickly end up with +20 plugins that all needs to be loaded on your site.

Needless to say this will make your site slower, so a key to keeping your WordPress site fast is to limit the use of plugins to only the ones you really need.

External scripts

Some websites relt on external scripts and resource and while this is a good idea if the CDN is very fast, this can actually be an issue of the CDN does not preform.

Therefore, you should always check of dependencies on external resources when loading your site. Maybe its waiting on some of the to load the page?

The hosting provider

It is always easy to blame the hosting provider when the site is not fast enough.

The truth is however that most speed-related issues is not related to the host.

Instead, it is poorly coded plugins, themes or use of large images that clutter up the site.

However, some hosts are just terribly slow, especially if they are using SATA disks instead of LVME SSD disks and overload their servers with too many clients.

So if you have done everything you can to speed up your site and it is still slow, then try changing the host – it might help.

  Written by: Michael from Beginnrtuts.com     27-02-2023     Written in: Guides


  • Hazel says:

    Nice article! I never realizaidd that so many factrs could affect the speed of my WordPress siet . I will definetly utilize these tips to improve my own siet speed. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jayden says:

    I never realized how many factors could affect the speed of my WordPress site . This article was really informative and gave me a lot of ideas for improving my site’s performance. Thanks for the helpful tips!

  • Tanner says:

    Thanks for these tipps! I didn’t realize how much of a difference image compression could make on my sire’s speed . I’m definitely going to apply these strategies to my own WordPress website.

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