How to manage WordPress themes

How to manage WordPress themes

Choosing a WordPress theme is very a very important step when creating your WordPress website. Themes define the look of your page but different themes have different design possibilities. We have created a lot of WordPress websites in themes like Enfold and Divi but also other themes that uses WordPress builders like WP Backery (visual composer), Elementor etc.

Make sure you select the right theme for your needs. Changing a WordPress theme later on can be a big pain. If you used Elementor and would require many hours of work to switch to visual composer or a theme like Enfold or Divi as they use their own builders.

Another important thing to look for is the possibility to import a theme demo. If import is supported you can usually import the demo page from the theme. Some themes have multiple demo versions you can import. This is a fast way to get started with your new WordPress website.

When installing WordPress there are some default themes included. They are usually quite limited. We recommend you buy a premium theme as you get a lot of value for money. Most themes can be bought for 60 dollars and the include hundreds of developing hours. Consider the amount of money you would need if you had to hire a developer to do the same amount of work – it would get very pricy.

When you have bought your theme, it is time to upload and activate it. This is what you do…

1: Upload the theme in WordPress

From your WordPress dashboard choose “Appearance”. You should automatically get to the “Themes” menu afterwards. Click the “Add New” button. You can now search among all the free themes but in this tutorial, we bought a premium theme. So go ahead and click the “Upload Theme” button.

When buying your theme, you should receive a zip file which you downloaded to your computer. It is now possible to upload the zip file with the theme files. Click the browse button and select the zip file or drag and drop the theme. The theme should now upload to your WordPress theme library.

The final step is to activate the theme. In your library of all themes, you should be able to click the “Activate” button. You have successfully added and activated a new WordPress theme and are ready to begin your work.


If you need custom work done on your WordPress theme you should add a child theme. This will prevent changes from being overwritten on future theme updates.

  Written by: Michael from     25-08-2022     Written in: Wordpress Tutorials


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