How to setup a contact form in WordPress

Do you need a contact form on your website? In some cases contact forms are included in WordPress themes. If this is the case we recommend you use this option to prevent unnecessary plugins that could slow down your website speed. If the contact form is not included in the theme you could install the contact form 7 plugin.

Contact form 7 is a great plugin allowing your visitors to send information and even files.

Install contact form 7:

1: In your WordPress dashboard menu click “Plugins”

2: Search for “Contact form 7”

3: Install and activate the plugin

You are now ready to setup your contact form…

Setup contact form 7:

1: Click “Contact” in your WordPress dashboard menu

2: Edit the default contact form or create a new one

3: Setup your form fields. You will se a variety of field types like text, radio, select, textarea, file etc. Depending on your  for select the relevant fields. An example could look like this…

[submit "Submit"]

In this example we use a text field for the visitors name, an email field and a textarea for a message. The * symbol indicates that the field is required. placeholder “Your name” adds a default text to the input field. At the end we have a submit element and the button text is “Submit”. This could also be “Send” or any other value.

4: Setup your email. Click the “Mail” tab to define the from, to, subject and message fields. In the message field you have to include the values from step 3. This could look like this…

From: [your-name] <[your-email]>
Subject: [your-subject]

The value [your-name] output the value of the form field your-name. The same goes for your-email, your-subject and your-message. The mail could look like this…

From: John Doe <[]>
Subject: Please help me
I need some help setting up a contact form 7 in WordPress.

There are a couple of additional tabs your could look into but the default settings are usually fine. Your are now ready to receive messages from your visitors.

Tip: Test your contact form regularly. A bug could mean a lot of messages being lost. Consider to setup both SMTP on your website and the plugin “Flamingo” that keeps track of submitted forms. You could also consider ReCapcha to prevent spam.

  Written by: Michael from     25-10-2022     Written in: Wordpress Tutorials


  • William says:

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    This tutorial was a lifesaver! I’ve been struggling with setting up a contact form on my WordPress site, but with the step-by-step instructions provided here, it was a breeze . The screenshots were really helpful in guiding me through the process, even as a beginner. I appreciate the clear and concise explanations too. Now I have a professional and functioning contact form on my website, thanks to this guide! Highly recommend it to anyone struggling with setting up a contact form in WordPress.

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    This tutorial was super helpful! I was able to set up a contact form on my WordPress site in no time thanks to these clear instructions . Thank you for sharing this resource!

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