How to setup a WordPress website in 15 minutes

If you need a WordPress website really quickly there are actually a lot of options to achieve this. The easiest method would probably to buy a premium theme and import a demo version. We have some experience doing this with both the Divi theme and the Enfold theme which offers very nice demo websites.

What is a demo website?

A demo website is a template website created by the theme author. Some themes offer great flexibility and thereby a lot of options to create various designs. Not all themes offers this and some themes only offer one layout. Usually it is a good sign if a theme offers various demo layouts and not only one or two which could indicate a lack of flexibility.

When importing a demo website you will usually get 7-8 nicely designed templates with demo images and text. With a few custom tweaks you can be up and running within minutes using this method.

Where to start?

The first thing you should do is find the best WordPress hosting company (click the link to see an extensive guide on great WordPress hosting companies). It is important to chose the correct WordPress host from the beginning to save you precious time later on. Demo websites does not contain a lot of data so disk space should not be a problem. If you plan to post a lot, disk space could however become an important feature.

When you have chosen a WordPress host you need a domain name for your website. You should be able to search for available domain names on the hosting companies website. When you find the perfect domain name place your order on the domain and hosting package. The basic needs for your WordPress website is not in place.

First step 

Reading our WordPress hosting guide we expect you chose a company offering 1-click WordPress installation. Locate this feature in your hosts dashboard and start installing WordPress. You should be done with this within a few minutes. If your hosting company does not offer 1-click you should download WordPress manually and upload all files to the correct folder. Consider using FTP software like FileZilla. After uploading the files visit the website URL and complete the installation by entering the database information. Manually installation would require a bit more time.

Status: You should now own a domain name, hosting package and have WordPress installed. Let us continue…

Demo import with Divi

In this example we are going to recommend the Divi theme. The theme can be bought for $89 and will renew yearly (at the time of writing). Buying a premium theme has a lot of advantages. You will be able to import all demo versions, you can use the support team and you can expect the theme to be maintained over the years.

Now the theme has been bought we need to install it. Head to “Appearance” ind your WordPress dashboard and chose “Themes”. There you will find a “Upload” button where you will be able to browse your computer files. Locate the Divi theme you bought and downloaded and upload the zip file. After uploading, activate the theme.

The next step is to create the pages we need. In the WordPress dashboard click on “Pages” and “Add new”. Activate the Divi builder and chose to import a layout. You should be able to chose from all layouts in the Divi library. At the moment they offer nearly 300 layouts containing more than 2,000 designed templates. Find the template you like and import it. Save your page and repeat this step for all pages you need.

The next step is to create your menu. Head to “Appearance” and “Menus” in your WordPress dashboard. Create a new menu and add the pages you created in the previous step. Remember to mark this as your primary menu.

Headers and footers are not imported. You need to create this yourself. Divi offers the posibility to design global headers and footers which you should look into over time. If you need to wrap up you can exclude a footer and just tweak the default header a bit. Head to “Appearance” > “Customize” and tweak the final Divi settings like fonts, colors etc.

Thats it! Open up your website and take a look. You should have a complete WordPress website. Upload your own images and create your content.

Tip: Divi has a lot of possibilities. Play with the theme and try different things. The more time you work with the builder the more confident you will become with the theme. Within months you can create your own perfect layouts and templates – if you like.

Demo import with Enfold

In this example we use the popular Enfold theme. The theme is sold at $59 (at the time of writing). Just like Divi it is important to buy a premium theme. Read a little more about this in the Divi example. Just like Divi you need to upload the theme and activate it. From here the import process is a bit different.

After activating the theme click on “Enfold” in your WordPress dashboard. Scroll down to the tab “Demo import”. You will now see the different demo versions. Hover above the demo you like and click import. It only takes a few seconds and the page will update when the import is complete.

Thats it! You now have a working website and can update images and content. Just remember to create a main menu in “Appearance” > “Menus”.

Clicking “Enfold” in your WordPress dashboard will present a lot of tabs. You can customize the theme fonts, colors, sizes etc. so be sure to study all tabs and set your preferences.

Activate WordPress SSL plugin

We like to think you chose a WordPress hosting provider with free SSL. Make sure SSL is activated at your host and install the plugin “Really Simple SSL” to direct all traffic to a secure connection (https).

WordPress SEO plugin

Another plugin to consider is Yoast SEO. Working with SEO can improve your positions in Google, Bing etc. ultimately generating more traffic to your website. Yoast SEO is a tool that will help you create SEO titles, descriptions and the correct balance of keywords in your website content.

WordPress security

The final plugin we shortly will cover is “Wordfence”. This is a security plugin that exist in both a free and paid version. This plugin will help keeping your WordPress website secure. Check out the different settings and adjust them to your needs.

Hopefully you are now ready to build your website without dedicating to much time.

  Written by: Michael from     04-01-2023     Written in: Guides


  • Derek says:

    This article is very helpful. I tried seting up a website before but it was so complicated. With this guide, I was able to complete my website in less then 15 minutes.

  • Delilah says:

    This tutorial is really helpful, I was able to setup my WordPress website tronge no time! The step-by-step guide is easy to follow and the screenshots mace it even easer for me to understand . I’m so happy I found this resouce, thank you for sharing this informations!

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