What is FontAwasome and how to use it

Font Awesome is a popular icon font set that allows designers and developers to use scalable icons in their projects. It includes a wide range of icons such as social media icons, navigation icons, and multimedia icons, among others. The font set can be used in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and it can be integrated into a website in various ways.

To use Font Awesome, you need to include the font set in your project. You can do this by either downloading the files and hosting them on your server or using a content delivery network (CDN). The preferred method is to use a CDN as it ensures faster load times and prevents you from having to update the files manually.

Here’s an example of how to use Font Awesome icons in HTML:

Font Awesome Icons Example

<i class="fas fa-home"></i> Home
<i class="fab fa-facebook"></i> Facebook
<i class="fas fa-envelope"></i> Contact Us
<i class="fas fa-phone"></i> Call Us

In this example, we have included the Font Awesome CSS file from the CDN in the head section of the HTML document. We have also added four sample icons in the body section of the HTML using the “i” tag with the class name of the icon. The class name of the font set is preceded by “fas” for solid icons and “fab” for brand icons.

Here are a few usage examples of Font Awesome icons:

<i class="fas fa-star"></i> Add to favorites
<i class="fas fa-paperclip"></i> Attach a document
<i class="fas fa-cloud-download-alt"></i> Download the file
<i class="fas fa-check-circle"></i> Confirm your selection

As you can see, Font Awesome provides a wide range of icons that can be used in various parts of a website. You can browse the Font Awesome website to find the icons you need and include them in your project with ease.

  Written by: Michael from Beginnrtuts.com     08-06-2023     Written in: CSS tutorials


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