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HTML video tutorials for beginners - learn HTML This online HTML video course for beginners will be teaching you how to read and write HTML through a series of video lessons. We will start from the bottom and work our way up by teaching you the very basic elements of HTML. At the end of these free video tutorials you will be able to make your own html website.

As an example you will learn about : HTML Templates, favicons, images in HTML, links, HTML tables, div tags, iframes and much much more...

When done with our HTML course for beginners, we recommend that you continue onto our free CSS course, which will teach you how to style your HTML website.

If your are new to website development, we would also recommend you to read all the articles within the section of "Beginner knowledge" . These articles will help you get familiar with some of the essential elements within website development, while also giving you valuable tips and tricks for your own site.

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