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What is CSS?

2 - CSS

CSS is short for "Cascading Style Sheets"

CSS is used to style and display the layout of your HTML web pages. You can almost describe CSS as being your site decorator. CSS consist of more than 100 different declarations and styles, which make it possible for you to change the font, font size, colors, background colors or pictures, margins, heights, widths, lines etc. of your HTML layout. CSS basically makes it possible for you to easily create colorful and beautiful looking websites.

Put shortly CSS is for page layout while HTML is for page structuring.

CSS is useful because it allows you to create a separate CSS document ( a style sheet ), containing all your different styles. By linking this document to all your HTML web pages these styles will automatically be applied to all your pages. This saves you a lot of time, as you do not need to style every single HTML document manually. If you as an example, in your style sheet, specify a font size for a heading to be 18px, then all your headings on pages linked to that CSS style sheet will have headings with a font size of 18px.

If you want to make a specific styling of a certain element or tag in a single page, you can also do this with CSS, by making inline styling directly in your HTML tag. Our free CSS beginner video tutorials will teach you how to make both inline and style sheet styling of your web pages.

In our Free CSS video tutorials you will learn how to write and use CSS from scratch.

What is CSS?

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