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Before creating your own web pages, it is a good idea to get an overview of what web programming languages that exist, and what they are used for. The five most widely used languages have been listed below. By clicking either one of them you will get a general overview and understanding of what the given language is about. It should be noted, that many other web programming languages exist, and the list below is therefore far from complete. The ones mentioned is however some of the most common within the field of website development.

The languages described will if used and understood correctly, allow you to build fully professional sites. The order in which they are presented is also the recommended order for learning them. You should therefore always start out by learning the HTML language, before moving on to CSS or Javascript. The last point called "FLASH" is not a profound language, and is not something that you necessarily need to learn in order to make a website.

1 - What is HTML?
2 - What is CSS?
3 - What is Javascript?
4 - What is PHP?
5 - What is MySQL?
6 - What is Flash?

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