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What is JavaScript?

3 - JavaScript

JavaScript is probably the most widespread scripting language on the world wide web. Everyone can use Javascript as it do not need to be bought or downloaded in order to work. JavaScript is a client side scripting language which is written directly on your HTML pages. A simple example of a Javascript written in a HTML document is shown below:

<script type="text/javascript">

This Javascript will write "HEY!" on your HTML web page.

Javascript is a scripting language which is used to make your web pages interactive and dynamic( your page content can be changed according to input from your visitors ). You can as an example with Javascript create pop up messages, a personal visitor greeting, an online calculator, a hit counter, user warnings and much much more.

It is the browser which renders and reads your javascript - so all you need to do, to get your javascript working is to make your script available in a simple browser friendly HTML doc.

If your are new to Javascript don't be frightened by the words "scripting" and "programming"! First of all our free video tutorials will guide you through the most basic functions and elements of Javascript - And second of all, there are plenty of ready-made javascript's available online, which you can copy and modify according to your needs - You just need to know where to put it in your HTML pages and that's it!

In our free JavaScript video tutorials for beginners we will teach you have to write and understand javascript from scratch

What is Javascript?

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