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What is FLASH?


FLASH is a type of online animated video, which can be changed according to user input or movement.

Flash can be used in a wide variety of different animated objects such as games, online adverts, buttons, navigation menus and even whole websites. Flash objects can be incorporated where ever you want on your website. Flash is created in a program called "Adobe Flash". The program is unfortunately not free, so it is not everyone who can just start creating flash objects and movies.

If you wish to be found on search engines and in general care about your SEO, then flash is not the right the way to go. It is not a secret to anyone that search engines don't really like sites that are built using Flash. These sites rarely contain enough relevant text to allow a good indexing. Above that, not all spiders can read the content of a .swf (flash) file. Flash is used though every now and then for mini-sites or for campaign sites. So if you as an example use a flash navigation bar then the search engine spiders will not be able to index the whole site as they cannot read the links in the flash navbar.

As a result you will not be found on Google, which basically is like killing your site! It is therefore a good idea not to build your site using flash exclusively. And if you have a navigation bar in flash, then make sure that you also have the same links in regular html for the search engine spiders to follow. It should be remembered that flash can be useful in creating online adverts and other animated objects that is not supposed to be indexed on search engines.

What is flash?

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