How to create a line break with HTML

There are usually multiple ways to create line breaks to your text. Wrapper each paragraph in a p-tag would usually do the trick but you can create manual line breaks as well. To do this you only need a single tag like this…

<br />

If you need multiple line breaks you can just add more breaks like this example…

<br /><br />

We don’t recommend multiple line breaks like this with HTML. If you want to add more space between elements your should consider a CSS solution using padding and margin.

  Written by: Michael from     25-08-2022     Written in: HTML tutorials


  • Ava says:

    I did not understand why my paragrapahs are not breaking in my HTML code. This article was very uselful to find out how to fix it

  • Kevin says:

    This tutorial is amazing! I’ve always struggled with creating line breaks in HTML, but the step-by-step instructions here made it so simple . Now I can easily structure my paragraphs and improve the readability of my web pages. Thank you so much for sharing this valuable information!

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