How to create a WordPress post

How to create a WordPress post

In this tutorial we will cover how to create a WordPress post. First step is logging into your WordPress admin dashboard. Next you want to click on “Posts” in the menu. At the very top you will find a button called “Add new post” – click this button.

Now we are ready to create a new WordPress post. Now let’s take a look at the possibilities.

1: Enter a title

The first thing we want to do is enter a page title.

2: Enter a post description

This is the content of your post. Type in a great post description to keep your readers interested. If you also want to keep SEO in mind try including your page title in the description as well as at least 500 words. If SEO has no matter to your post the length of this field is not important.

3: Select a category

If you already created some categories for your blog you can assign your post to one or multiple categories. Simply mark the categories with a checkmark. The post can after publishing be found in the categories that you have selected.

4: Add some tags

This is not required but if you like you can add tags to your post. Maybe you would like to have a tag cloud showing the most covered topics or just show the reader what they can expect of the post they are reading.

5: Featured image

Click on the “Add featured image” link to upload or select your image from the media library. Make sure the image is large enough to cover the single post page which often uses full width depending on the theme.

You are now ready to publish your post. Click the “Publish” button the make your post public.

  Written by: Michael from     25-08-2022     Written in: Wordpress Tutorials


  • Jack says:

    This was really helpfull! I never new how to add images to my posts before but this explaination make it so easy . I wil defenitly be using these tips on my blog now. Thank you!

  • Zachary says:

    This tutorial was super helpful! I’ve always been hesitant about creating a WordPress post, but the step-by-step instructions made it seem so easy . The screenshots were a nice touch too, really helped me visually understand each step. Thank you so much for sharing this guide!

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