How to manage WordPress comments

How to manage WordPress comments

If your visitors are allowed to comment on your WordPress posts you need to manage comments. You are able to set your discussion settings in “Settings” > “Discussion”. This tutorial will not focus on the discussion settings but on how to manage comments.

In the WordPress dashboard click “Comments” in the menu. From there you will see all comments made on your website. You might see a lot of spam comments but we recommend not allowing comments on your site by default. All comments should be monitored and approved manually to avoid massive amount of spam comments on your WordPress website/blog.

When clicking on “Comments” you will see the list of all comments. If you hover above any comment, you will have different options. You can approve/unapproved a comment, reply to a comment, edit a comment, mark it is spam or trash the comment.

1: Approve/unapproved a comment

With this option you can manage the visibility of a comment. Approved comments are visible on your website while unapproved comments won’t be visible. A comment should be unapproved as default. Approve or unapproved a comment by clicking the link.

2: Reply to a WordPress comment

As admin you can reply to a comment on your website. This could be smart if you want to start a discussion. This would generate more activity on your posts. You can also reply to comments directly on your website’s comments form.

3: Edit a comment

Editing a comment gives you the opportunity to chance the comment, the comment author name, the email og the URL. We recommend only changing the URL field if you don’t want the submitted URL on your website. Changing the text of a comment is a bit more shady for obvious reasons. This would be an interference with the authors free speech and the originality of the comment.

4: Mark comment as spam

You can mark a comment as spam. Usually, it is quite easy to identify spam comments. Spam comments will be sent to a separate “folder” and can be deleted later on.

5: Sent a comment to trash

You can delete a comment by sending it to trash. In the trash “folder” you can permanently delete it afterwards. We recommend you delete all spam mails so they don’t take up space in your database.

  Written by: Michael from     29-08-2022     Written in: Wordpress Tutorials


  • Julian says:

    This article was so helpfull! I struggel with moderating my WordPress comments, but thanks to this guide, I’ve learned how to effictively filter spam and keep my comment section tidy . Thank you so much for sharing this hreatful information!

  • Quinn says:

    This tutorial was very helpful in teaching me how to manage comments on WordPress . I always struggled with spam and irrelevant comments filling up my blog, but now I have learned how to enable comment moderation and set up filters to combat this. The step-by-step instructions were easy to follow, and I appreciate the screenshots that were included for visual guidance. Now I feel confident in managing my WordPress comments effectively. Thanks for sharing this insightful guide!

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