How to tweak WordPress general settings

How to tweak WordPress general settings

To change the general WordPress settings, click “Settings” in the WordPress menu. Here you will find several fields. Let’s take a look at these…

1: Site Title

The site title is used in the browser tab to show what your website is named. Usually this is the same as the URL or something similar. The page title is also an important in a SEO context.

2: Tagline

The WordPress tagline is a short description of your website. Like the page title it is used in the browser tab and in a SEO context it tells search engines what your site is all about. Use your most important SEO terms in the title and/or tagline.

3: WordPress address / Site address

The next fields are the WordPress and site address. These fields should contain the same value and defines the URL of your website. In out case it is Be careful when changing this URL as it could crash your website. You should not change these values unless you are 100% sure you know what you are doing.

4: Administration Email Address

The administration email address is used for admin notifications. This could be notification about new users, new shop orders, contact form mails etc. If you need to change this value to another email address it has to be approved by clicking a link, send to the new user’s email address. You can change this value without any risk.

5: Membership

This is just a simple checkbox. This defines if anyone can register on your website. If you don’t want people to register just uncheck this box. Keeping this box checked can lead to fake user registrations. But in some cases, you need people to be able to register and this field should be checked. If you run a membership website or a shop this need to be checked.

6: New User Default Role

This defines the default role of a new user. It is set to subscriber as default as this is the lowest value. A new user has minimal access to your website. The highest value is administrator and the new user will have full access to your website. This should never be the default value. Depending on what registered users need access to you can change this default value.

7: Site Language

Define which language should be used in the WordPress admin area. WordPress is translated to multiple languages and you can change the language to your native language if you like. Each user can set their backend to their own language. This would just be the default language for the site.

8: Timezone

If you need to change the default timezone this is the place. You can select a city near you to set the correct timezone. This is important when publishing posts on your website so they display the correct publication date and time.

9: Time Format

Different countries use different time formats. WordPress list some default formats but you can also set your own time format. Take a look at for different settings.

10: Week Starts On

Just a small setting that may not be that important. But with this setting you can define at what day a week starts. This is not widely used but I guess it could be relevant if you display a calendar at your website. Changes are that you probably would define the setting in a plugin instead. But now you know this setting exist and you might as well set it correct from the beginning.

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