How to use PHP variables

Creating and Using Variables in PHP

Creating and Using Variables in PHP

Variables are used to store and manipulate values in PHP. They are defined using the dollar sign ($), followed by the variable name.


$variable_name = value;
Parameter Description
variable_name The name of the variable to be created.
value The value to be stored in the variable.

Here are some examples of using variables in PHP:

		$name = "John Doe";
		$age = 25;
		$salary = 1000.50;
		$isEmployed = true;

		echo "My name is " . $name . ", I am " . $age . " years old.";

Technical Details

Technical Detail Description
Variable Scope The scope of a variable determines where it can be accessed within the program. Variables can be either local or global in scope.
Data Types PHP supports a variety of data types, including strings, integers, floating point numbers, boolean values, arrays, and objects.
Variable Names Variable names in PHP must start with a letter or underscore (_), and can only contain letters, numbers, and underscores.

For more information on variables in PHP, visit the official PHP documentation.

  Written by: Maria Jensen     31-12-2021     Written in: PHP tutorials


  • Grace says:

    I struggled with using variables in PHP until I stumbled across this tutorial . It really helped me understand the basics and I feel much more confident now. Their explanation was clear and easy to follow. Thank you for sharing this knowladge!

  • Maya says:

    This tutorial on using PHP variables really helped me grasp the concept easily . I was struggling to understand how to declare and assign values to variables, but the explanations, code examples, and step-by-step instructions made it crystal clear. Now I feel confident in using variables in my PHP projects. Thanks for sharing this valuable resource!

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