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What is PHP?

4 - What is PHP?

PHP stands for "Hypertext Preprocessor"

PHP is much like Javascript in terms of syntax - So if you already know Javascript you will have no problem learning PHP. The biggest difference between PHP and Javascript is that PHP is a server side language. This means that all processing of data will be done on the server which then returns the data as HTML to the website. All files that uses PHP needs to have a .php file extension, or else the server wont process it. You can both write PHP and HTML in .php files.

PHP is currently the most popular web server extension language, used by many websites both large and small. Its popularity is partly due to its free, open-source nature and partly due to its friendliness and convenience. Tasks such as reading an entire file and outputting it to the web browser can be accomplished with a single line of PHP code.

PHP also opens up for a large range of different functions and features such as email contact forms, forums, guest books, counters, polls and much much more. In general php can make your pages interactive - Something that is not possible with regular HTML and CSS.

In our Free PHP video tutorials for beginners we will teach you how to write and use php from scratch.

PHP is one of most brilliant web programming languages available. Especially combined with MySQL it can become extremely powerful.

In our article about Free PHP editors we will show you some of the free editors which you can use when writing PHP and MySQL scripts.

What is php

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